Friday, July 29, 2005

Mada | Am I Wrong If Won't Miss You Anymore?

Rova Manjakamiadana: Ruins

When I left Mada for the first time, I was 18 and my head was full of "dreams":
no more poverty, because I was going to fight to become the one who succeeded.

I did so...For three years, I did my best.
During these first years, I onlyspent three weeks at home (euh...Tana).
Great holidays! I criedwhen I left my family for the second time...The last year was almost a dream.

In '2000, I went back with my diploma. I found a job, rather a good
one. Not very well-paid but interesting one because I still work in my field
which is aviation industry.

Like these landscape, eroded by the rivers... Like these disappearing forests,
my hopeness was faded.

Not only I was not used to live Malagasy lifestyle anymore but my future didn't belong to me...

I had two choices: Either I got married, or
I set up a little shop for my own... Otherwise, I could go back abroad to pursue
my studies. I preferred this last choice.

Multi-cultural ?

So, am I wrong now if I'm not feeling lost in these western countries? More
and more, day after day, I'm feeling better here...

As that old song I heard once, I do have two loves: my country and Paris...

I'm desperately longing to see Mada again but I'm beginning to settle down here...

Life tells the truth...

Internet | Roots

Tim Berners-Lee (6/1955-) invented the Internet.
Most of us, even me, think it was an US military invention.

In 1991, the first website Berners-Lee built was for the CERN which is based in Switzerland. At this time, TBL worked for the CERN.

Everything such as HTML, URL, HTTP protocol are our heritage from this man.

Without his contribution, I think I can't be there to tell you something about blogging and so on.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

3W | Masiaka*, Ma'Geek


Your guide


* Masiaka: something or someone getting wild (Rough translation from Malagasy...lol)

Let's design something new, something that you'll probably never use. Let's create new words for everything. Let's trust in marketing, we invent the world for you...
And then, let's think that we are at the top of the technology. Indeed, it is true... but you must pay a lot for a geek "hyrtbihrih"... A little bit ironic.
I love this community.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Mada | Money smells...

Here are some specimen of our old bank notes... They tell a lot about our history and our old dreams... Development and progress are full expectations after freedom.
I wish we will never forget!

Mada | Souvenir

Back to the colonial period of Madagascar, I found this old drawing of a postman.
It seems strange as it is like an old comics that many of us have already forgotten.
The postman is bore by three, maybe four indigene on a sort of stretcher which is known as "filanjana".
During royal period of Madagascar, "filanjana" was used by the kings and queens. Only by them(?)...
This drawing clearly shows how colonists appropriate old customs and traditions of their conquered countries as if they were their own.
In fact, distributing letters is rather an exhausting activity when you have no cars, no cycles, no motorcycle... but this job and this sort of honor is very far away from leading a country! By the way, the postman was powered by human energy ;-)
Maybe I'm wrong... If so, it doesn't matter!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Music | Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow
Back to 1996, I remember that one of the first tape I bought was her album. Back then, she was not as famous as right now... especially after the 007 movie.
Great lyrics and good melodies!
I always enjoy her songs and maybe if my online music library can finally works, you can hear one of my favorite songs...

Tour de France 2005 | Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong
Pictures: AP Photo/Peter Dejong
21 stage separate these pictures... More than 4200 km...
For the 7th time, this man wins the Tour de France. It is his suprematy in the cycling sport.
Lance Armstrong wins "only" 2 among these 21 stages but it was enough to make him one of the legend of the world cyclists.
This man is nearly a machine: strong heart with the rage to win. A sort of an extraordinary human being :)
Certainly, one of the greatest sportsman of this century.
I'm wondering who can be his successor... May be Jan Ulrich.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Nikola Tesla | The Genius

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)
I think that many of us do not really know this man. If he was not among us, maybe there would be no TV, no cathodic tubes, no AC current, no TGV, no radio and no other applications linked to the magnetic and current transmission.
He patented over 800 inventions through his life and was the man who was ahead of his time: wireless data transmission, X-ray, atomic experience.
Still now, many of his researches are sources of studies for engineers.
And all above that, he designed a "time machine" which was at the origin of the H.G. Wells's related book.
The Museum of Supernatural History can tell you more about that.
I am reading now Paul Auster's Moon Palace... This book gives a little biograhy of N. Tesla and thus gives me the idea to write about this great genius we have ever known.

Blog | Audio files on Internet

Still working hard with my template. I can't even change the color of the post title.
When previewed, everything is OK, but no way to save and "republish " the blog.
Otherwise, no way to link my music to the field "favorite melodies".
I put my audio files on Yahoo "My documents"...
It seems that the URL link changes every minute!... I can't always watch on my blog all day long.
Is there anybody who can help?
Where can I store my audio files in a way that the link is permanent?
As it is shown above, I am on the way to leave everything up!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Me | Or Maybe Me...

This seems to be me then...

Helping Hand | MTV Advertisement

When you closely look at the man sitting in front of this picture, he holds a poster on which you can read "HIV PLEASE HELP".

This ad was forbidden. MTV aired it only once. I receive it in my mailbox today.

The message laying beneath is: war against terrorism is worth than war against AIDS, hunger, poverty. In our country, we are all used to watch many ads talking about sodas, clothes, health, medicine, make-up, cars, paradisiac islands... We aren't even aware of the other countries lifestyle...

Most of the time, we think that we must live like all these bimbos and playboys we use to see on TV. But the fact is that poor people number increases more and more. 2000 people died in the NY plane crashes...Other 50 in London...Other 200 in Madrid last year.

However, these are not the main death causes in the world. Only mass media events. The History is often written by the Conqueror. In one century, our children will learn that terrorist attacks hit many western countries but none will know that 25% of South African people are inoculated by the HIV on 2000. Maybe all Africa people are died long time before that.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Little Story | The Photographer

This story is reported to me by one of my friends... It is not a story though...
It is a sort of cliche of lifestyle in deep campaign of Madagascar. It makes me think of these old characters of tales as you can see in Asterix comics.
When I was a child, in my little village, there were some men who brought the fun with them.
The Crazy
This man, in my opinion, was deeply addicted to marijuana but he made us laugh a lot when he came to the village. He used to sing his songs, colored with his own melodies and sang in his own language. A language which, in fact, meant nothing but a sort of well-arranged sounds.
He came every Wednesday afternoon which was our weekly day of rest (no school actually).
If we gave him coins and a lot of applause, he sang for us during one hour... Good melodies anyway and when I grew up, I finally understand the meanings of some of his songs... Sex over and over :)
The Photographer
This one was very interesting... Do you know how people get photographed when there was no photolab in 250 km around? But why do they need photos? Of course, for many reasons... During ceremony like wedding, or baptism or funerals... Actually, one of the most important reason is the ID card and for the children, the ID school card. These cards are always required when you get to be married, or when your children must participate to their official exams like baccalaureate or CEPE (to validate the primary courses).
This man came every Saturday with his camera and when came back a week later, you must be sure that he had developed your photos. We did not even know that he came from 350 km away and did this trip by his own means to try to help people and to bring to them a little wind of progress... He was one of our heroes...

Aliens Among Us | The Wars Of The Worlds

I saw one of the biggest movies of the year! The story was written about 50 years ago... when some government tried to hide the truth about the crash of Roswell. It doesn't matter! Because such subject is still ongoing!

I remember the movie called "The Forgotten" with Julian Moore. The main subject is abduction ... You may notice that since a few years, Alien becomes one of the favorite subject of Hollywood movies. Are you prepared for the truth? Do you know that some people "know"?

The movie is, although, great. Excellent X-effects surrounding a story of a man (T. Cruise) who tries to conquer the love of his children... At the end, you almost forget that Aliens are among us and are hunting human lives. Maybe the truth is hidden in front of our eyes because fiction always includes a little part of a reality. Like myths are always based on living characters ...

Friday, July 08, 2005

Blog | Personal blog?

New technologies and new ways of communications always attract new pirates.
When I hit "next blog" on the right upper corner,
most of the times I see one like shown beside... No personal subjects at all... Ads and so on...
Because blog posting is free, some think it is easier and cheaper to send their ads on their personal blogs...
But this damages in depth the spirit of weblogging which is (I think): personal space, personal ideas, personal thoughts.
If I decide to make money with my blog, this is not the right place to do that because although it is my own space,I use another one's creation (template, logging). I must pay for that!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

London | Olympic games and Bomb blasts

Terrorist attacks always strike when you think you're safe. With the "effet de surprise", bomb blasts are many times more distressing when you think everything is for you and you succeed...
England hosts, for a long time, Islamic and other Djihad groups... In this way, it seems to be the safest country in Europe, with respect to Spain or France.

No longer we are safe... Every little place in our world is threatened by such chaos... And it becomes harder to protect our family 'cause the threat is everywhere... In the tube, in the bus, in the air, on the sea.

What to think? And if all these events are related to a global plan, conceived somewhere by powerful entities... After NY, Madrid, London, Bali, who's the next?

In France, The War of the Worlds movie is now in theatre (since 06th July)... In fact, bomb blasts in London seems "nothing" compared to the Aliens Invasion... But I think that if we are used to see such movies of chaos and mass destruction, this is probably a mean to prepare our mind to face future huge death ... Maybe the end of human beings ...

But I'm probably wrong and I guess so ... Because living on the Earth, despite of all these confusions, is the biggest present I have ever received...

But then again, congratulations to London!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Globalization | Chinese workers

"The small dressmakers and the freezer"
I receive this funny stuff today... If you can read french, the story is a little bit strange and cruel...
But I can make a rough translation to you...
There were five little Chinese girls. Although they are very young (14 to 17), they work a lot (12 hours a day) for a little salary (the amount doesn't matter).
Children must not work: this is illegal but the boss is used to pay local police officers to avoid inspection... And when they are decided to do this inspection, the factory is always closed and locked.
But one day, the ventilation system is out. Our little girls are found suffocated, "almost" dead.
The boss has the great idea to send them directly to the crematory. But the foreman disagrees because all the bodies are still warm. It does not matter... The boss decides to put the bodies in wooden boxes and asks to send them into the freezer...
Of course, families of our girls become suspicious and ask where their daughters are. The boss simply answers that they are wandering somewhere...The families don't believe him! He finally accepted that the girls are dead and now stored in the freezer. He, the boss, proposes 1500 euros (1500 $) per family... But the families claim the bodies and refuse the "prices" of their girls' lives...
The story doesn't tell us if the factory is closed and the boss charged...
So, every time you wear or buy Chinese products, have a little thought to those who pay, sometimes with their lives, for your little comfort...

Monday, July 04, 2005

Ancient Egypt | Flying vehicles?

These images were found on the ceiling beams of a 3000-year old New Kingdom Temple, located several hundred miles south of Cairo and the Giza Plateau, at Abydos.

Most of you, I think, have heard about "hieroglyph'.

This is one of them and maybe it is true or not but some researchers claim to see "flying vehicles" on this one... One that is the most surprising is the "helicopter"... The shape, the rotor, the vertical stabilizer really look like modern ones... Especially like military helicopters.

I don't want to explain my point of view any further... However, I'd like to point the fact that if you are not interested in UFO and such "pseudo-sciences", you will never hear such interpretation.

My conclusion is that even if many researches have been made since two centuries about these ancient civilisations (Egypt, India, Sumer...), large public (like me and you) just learn a little part of the truth... But who cares?