Monday, September 19, 2005

Mmm ... | Ah bon!

Vaomiera s’insurge dans ce domaine sacro-saint de la politique et religion.
Mes avis personnels étant trop personnels, justement, je vous invite à jeter un coup d’œil sur cet article paru dans Prochoix.org.
Ou il est question d’implications et de complications religieuses dans les affaires d’un Etat que nous connaissons tous.
Si certains d’entre nous étaient déjà au courant de cet article – il date de mars 2005 – ce serait juste un rafraîchissement et, je l’espère, ce ne sera pas une autre douche froide.
Il s’intitule :
« Dieu rachète Madagascar pour une hostie symbolique. »

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bilao - Guerre | Ne Déprimez Surtout Pas!

Le blogoshère étant ce qu’il est, c'est-à-dire un espace (im)personnel, peuplé de tout et de rien, de bons et de médiocres, je me trouve trop sage pour être parmi les plus convoités des blogomaniaques.
C’est un nouvel espace d’expression où chacun peut espérer transmettre ce qu’il a de mieux ou de pire à partager. Au grand plaisir des assoiffés de communication, c’est aussi devenu le domaine de l’intello, du maniaque , du gourmand , du militant ou du dépressif .
Certains classements des meilleurs blogs planétaires donnent pour vainqueurs ceux qui luttent pour la paix (avec plus ou moins de succès) et ceux criant haut et fort leurs idées (souvent contestataires) qui, de surcroît, dérangent.
Si les forums de discussions et les « chats » sont souvent peuplés d’esprits opportunistes prêts à déployer leurs tentacules pour diverses raisons - gare aux faibles et aux naïfs !- heureusement, étant moins anonymes, les blogs peuvent encore se prévaloir de la richesse de ses créateurs : artistes , journalistes , photographes ou simple penseurs …Cependant, on aura tous remarqué l’apparition des faux blogs et de ces messages publicitaires associés. La machine est déjà en marche, mon ami!…
Je me trouve trop sage pour être un blog contestataire, trop calme pour déranger l’esprit de mes fidèles lecteurs, trop sérieux pour proposer des images de femmes à moitié habillées, trop peu cultivé pour donner un avis sur Jean Paul Sartre ou sur Nietzsche.
Ce ne serait pas faute d’avoir essayé mais certaines personnalités étant ce qu’elles sont, je vais continuer juste à parler de mes humeurs du moment. Mon aventure quotidienne.
Et si, de temps en temps, je m’essaie à jouer au plus malin, au plus pervers, au moins correct, ce sera juste une sorte de jouissance personnelle. Sans aucune intention d’essayer d’augmenter ma blogaudience.
Mais plus j’y pense, plus je me dis encore : « je suis trop sage pour être le meilleur blogger du monde ! »

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Souvenir | Tromperie

Ireo ditra natao, ireo vazontsika,
Dia mbola tadidiko hatramin’izao.
Ny angolangola, ianao misariaka,
Tsy afaka anaty ahatsiarovako anao.

Izay hira izay no atolotro anao,
Ho zary veloma sy faran'adidy.
F’aleo aho hisinda, ho fo vaovao,
Hiova fitia, hamafa tadidy.

Ireo teninao mamy toa fary
Zary nanodina ny hambom-poko.
Hay izy ireny teny marary
Hay izy ireny sakafo maloto.

Nilaza ianao inty aho raiso
Anjakao ny vatako ho anao.
Fanatitra sady no sady efa lo
No sisa anjarako navelanao.

Tso-drano foana, tsy lolom-po,
Dia mahereza, dia bon courage.
Ho sambatra ianao, hiadana, ho to,
Ireo faniriana fa ny ahy fomba fiady.

Diso aho, diso natoky fitia.
Hay va re, hay va re ka dia tromperie!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Vaomiera | Why not?

Why did I name myself Vaomiera?
Um... First it sounds good to my ears. Very short. Very gasy. Not very fun like "lovedamour" or "meandmmyselfforever". Neither "gossbofrommahamasina". Neither "GasysupaPowa".
I used to chat a lot on Caramail. There was a former room dedicated to Madagascar and Malagasy people.
As I was looking for a suitable nickname, I remembered old story I lived when I was in Mada.
My parents told me to participate a little bit more on sports business. I did that and I became a good member of the local football team.
It happened during public meeting, which was held every 2 or 3 months. Everyone in the municipality was invited to express himself about various subjects like: sport, water and electricity distribution, food distribution, fairs and so on.
The meeting was lead by the president of the municipality who, I remember, tried hard to dominate the fool...
I was asked to report financial activities of the team. As I was doing my first little speech, someone said:"Ahoana koa ity vaomieran'ny fitantanana tanora kely ity? Sao dia tsy mahatam-bola ileio?"
("He's really the one who can manage our finance? He's too young for that!")
But everything was OK and, from this time, my old friends used to call me: "Vaomiera".
I'd like to tell you that this really happened but this did not.
Vaomiera only means "member". I am a sort of a member longing to share my opinions to make things better, or at least to make them less chaotic. I"m trying.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Katrina | My feelings

I don’t really like commenting news. I think journalists do it very well. I had nothing to say about Katrina.
At the beginning of this cataclysm, I didn’t bother a lot about those people. I was confident because the USA are the biggest and the wealthiest in this world.
Day after day, for one week now, I am being used to see these astonishing pictures. Not because an entire state is flooded but because people are left on their own. Most of them are black people. A lot of black people who were longing for help. It makes me think of some old pictures taken from Ethiopia, Rwanda – during the war – or from another else African country. We are really far away from these successful kings (or queens) of the R&B…
Suddenly, it came to me. The Dawn of the Dead. I saw this movie 2 or 3 months ago. The survivors are condemned to stay on their town. Military forces are spread all over the city to tight it under control. Once again, real chaos happens to overtake the fiction.
Stores are plundered. But what else to do since you have no food, no money, and no fuel? I’m not saying that pillage is the right thing to do but it often happens during crisis.
I remember that, few days after the 09/11, a big show was held in the memory of these dead people. Now, I’m waiting for such expression of solidarity. Almost 500,000 lives must be deported to other cities. All of them have lost everything. New-Orleans is on the way to be definitely erased from the map.
I used to believe in the American dream. Now, I’d like to say: “Look! This is America! They also host impoverished ones! They also have mess!”
Tomorrow, I’ll spend some money if I am asked to help…

Friday, September 02, 2005

Roots | Darling!

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This is one of my favorite song, written by a friend of mine who used to live in Bordeaux.
Although his disc is not officially released yet, I'd like to share it with you, reader.
Very good lyrics, some explicit contents.